Stories of Healing

Diane’s story

My abortion was 34 years ago…Many years were spent struggling as I read the Bible, Christian books, and sought Christian counseling…Through the HOPE group, God showed me my responsibility in the abortion. I had always blamed my parents for making the decision.  I felt forgiveness beyond what I had ever imagined.  Also, I could share openly with the other women without fear of rejection.   

Participating in HOPE brought me to the final level of healing; I thank God for how He works through this program.

Shontier’s story

Before HOPE, I couldn’t talk about my abortions. My shame and anger kept me in a prison of silence. I was miserable.  Since HOPE, I’m able to talk freely about my abortion experiences.  I’m aware that God is still healing me.  To keep bitterness and anger from taking root in my heart again, I often refer to my HOPE workbook information and the scriptures that I learned during HOPE.  In the future, I’m looking forward to training and working with other women that need HOPE.

Vicki's story

When I first heard about the HOPE Group, I hesitated.  I knew, or so I thought, I had dealt with that part of my life and was okay.  For some reason I changed my mind when it was presented to me later.  I know today that was God’s doing, not mine.  My experience with the group was a freedom for me. I met some wonderful women and the bond we shared is like no other. 

Kim's story

The HOPE Groups experience truly freed me from the deepest, darkest, hurt/shame secret I held onto for over 30 years... abortion.  Through HOPE I was finally forgiven and set free to be the woman God created me to be.    I felt so strongly about what this had done in my life that I have been asked to facilitate HOPE groups.  This has been an (almost) unbelievable see women change from week to week and finally be set free from that prison of guilt and shame.  I now have a hope and a future with this unique group.  I've seen the effects, though, and I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of that, too!!!!

Kathy's story

Before I went through the HOPE Group, I carried shame and guilt from my abortion.  If the word was mentioned on TV or in public, I would inwardly cringe and feel like a big letter “A” popped out on my forehead and everyone knew what I had done.  I wasn’t able to be honest with my doctor or even myself.  If I referred to it at all, I would refer to it as the baby I “lost.”  Through HOPE Group, I was able to experience God’s love, grace, and forgiveness so thoroughly that I could face the truth and truly forgive myself and others.  I can now look people in the eye instead of looking down at my feet.

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